Lifetime 1269 Portable Hoop Review

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The Lifetime 1269 is a decent quality portable hoop for children up to 15 years. Due to the higher quality acrylic backboard, it’s more expensive than the basic basketball hoops – but other components are the same.

  • Acrylic backboard
  • Sturdy and durable
  • some complaints about missing parts
  • more expensive than similar models (see Conclusion below)
Key specifications:

Similar to Cheaper Hoops, but with Acrylic Backboard

a girl shooting at the Lifetime 1269 hoopAs you can see, the 1269 is very similar to Lifetime’s popular models 1221 and 90040 – it offers the same backboard size (44″), height and also size of the base. So what is the reason behind the higher price tag?

While the cheaper hoops feature a polyethylene backboard, the 1269 offers a clear, acrylic one which is more stiff and rigid. You get much better bank shots, rebounds and it holds up better as well.

On the other hand, the system is not a professional one by any means. The pole and backboard wobble and bend back when hit, the rim is fine but not designed for hanging up – so take dunking easy. To sum it up, this hoop is great for children approximately 5-15 years old, for family play or shooting practice – not for a serious play.

Assembly and Height Adjustment

Good news is that the assembly is relatively easy and takes about 1-1.5 hour, no drilling or special tools are required. You can even manage it alone, but some steps are much easier in 2 people. However, some customers reported missing parts in the package (and therefore contacting customer service and requesting them).

Knob for adjusting height

For height adjustment, the 1269 uses the traditional system of cheaper hoops – you remove the bolt on the pole, set the height as you like (from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6″ increments) and reinstall the bolt. And while this system works quite well, it’s not ideal if you need to adjust it often – there are much more comfortable systems for that.

Pretty Sturdy and Durable

After you fill the base with water or sand, it gets pretty sturdy, enough for children or younger teenagers (you would probably choose water as it is much easier to fill it through the small hole that way). When empty, the hoop is easy to move on the 2 small wheels – but when filled, moving becomes pretty hard.

And as with other Lifetime hoops, the durability is on a solid level – even after a few years it’s holding up well, there is no rust or fading and the system for adjusting height still works without problems.

Conclusion:  Lifetime 1269 is not a bad portable hoop – but when compared to models $60 cheaper, the only difference is the acrylic backboard. So we would rather advice you to get either a good, cheaper hoop or invest a bit more and get for example the Lifetime 1558 – it offers a larger and more stable backboard and also much better height adjustment system.

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great for children      backboard, rim and net detail


  • Brand: Lifetime
  • Backboard size: 44″
  • Backboard material: acrylic
  • Height: 7.5′ – 10′ (6″ increments)
  • Base size: 27-gallon
  • Warranty: 5-year limited

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Or find on Amazon  or  .ca


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