Spalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Hoop Review

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Spalding NBA “The Beast” is the ultimate portable basketball system – quite expensive but well worth the money. Sturdy, solid and with top quality glass backboard, you feel almost like shooting at a college gym hoop.

  • Large glass backboard, awesome playing capabilities
  • Sturdy, stable
  • Easy to move on hard surfaces
  • a few complaints about leaking
  • expensive
Key specifications:
Backyard basketball: Major V Laurence & Ben V Jharvis

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Longer Assembly

man dunking into the Spalding 74560 Portable HoopFor a system this large and sophisticated, it’s obvious the assembly wouldn’t be some quick 1-hour job like with $100 starter hoops. On the other hand, it isn’t complicated neither, it just takes time (2.5-4 hours according to users) so be patient.

The instructions and diagrams are clear, well organized and easy to understand and you can also find a lot of advice, hints and tips in the reviews on Amazon. And while it’s manageable to assembly on your own, it’s just not worth it, some steps are much easier when done in 2 people.

Awesome Playing Capabilities

And once you put it together, the fun begins! Users describe it as the “best portable hoop ever made”, well worth the price. It looks awesome and very professional and the playing capabilities are top-notch.

The backboard is the most praised part without a doubt – an extra large, 60″ piece of tempered glass in a heavy duty steel frame. Really firm, it almost doesn’t rattle or vibrate when hit and the rebound of glass is so much better compared to acrylic or polycarbonate backboards used in cheaper systems. You feel almost like you’re shooting at a college gym hoop!

Adjusting height using the crank

The components are really sturdy and durable and can take a lot of abuse. The breakaway rim is professional grade and dunking is not a problem, you just tighten up a few bolts there occasionally.

Stable and Easy to Move on Hard Surfaces

The Beast is fairly bulky, but when you fill the 50-gallon base with sand or water, it becomes really stable and does not tip over even in storms. However, users recommend using sand – some of them reported finding a small leak in the base.

And even with its large weight, it’s actually easier to move around than smaller hoops. There are multiple wheels under the base (not just 2) and when you pull the gray handle forward, they get unlocked and you steer the entire hoop like a wagon. On concrete or asphalt it rolls pretty easily (even when filled), only on rough or uneven terrain it gets a lot worse.

Conclusion:  The Beast from Spalding is a top choice for any basketball enthusiast or serious player – adults, teenagers or kids from about 7 years of age. If you want the best of the best, don’t hesitate – we highly recommend it.

But if you don’t want to spend that much money, check out our other recommended hoops.

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using the handle to pull the hoop and move it around      you can see the dual tanks at the bottom right (white on top, black under it)


  • Brand: Spalding
  • Backboard size: 60″
  • Backboard material: glass
  • Height: 7.5′ – 10′
  • Base size: 50-gallon
  • Warranty: backboard 5-year, pole, base and rim 1-year

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